Provisional Patent Video Course

Want to have someone do all the work for you to get your patent?
Find one of those “Invention Help Websites” and they will be happy to take a tidy sum to tell you they will get it done…. Then they will ask for another $5,000 to get it done.. Then on and on…

Or… Want to save a TON of money?
Then look at doing some parts yourself!

How To Get a Provisional Patent Application Yourself in 12 hours… YES.. It CAN be done…
What You want is called a Provisional Patent…. VERRRRY Powerful and INEXPENSIVE to get! 

Listen to the video below and if it sounds like you want to patent your invention then do not let the crazy lawyers talk you into putting up $5000 for a retainer to write your provisional patent OR have them do the same with a non-provisional patent.
Get a Provisional Patent BEFORE you spend the “big buks” on a non-provisional..
Take a look at the video course here: Provisional Patent Video Course Grab your Free Non Disclosure Document I have on that page if nothing else! It is a very well crafted Mutual Non Disclosure Document that will be welcomed by nearly EVERY business entity!
Of course your provisional patent is the ULTIMATE protection with the Patent Pending and the Federal protection afforded by a provisional patent!

Listen to this quick video..

How To File a Provisional Patent

The Top 10 Reasons to Get a Provisional Patnet..

Top 10 Reasons To Get a Provisional Patent

Now You have a Provisional Patent What Will you do with it!!?

What To Do With Your Provisional Patent

Take a look at the video course here:Provisional Patent Video Course


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