How to Patent an Idea – The First Critically Important Step

Bill Creen asked:

To Patent your idea, you must first write a provisional patent application. This very first, but critical step can be done WITHOUT using an expensive attorney. A patent agent or attorney would likely charge you 800 – 2,400 dollars to prepare these essential, but simple documents.

I know you are wondering just WHAT a provisional patent will buy you…

When you’ve properly completed and submitted the correct forms, and have gotten your acceptance notification back:

- enhanced bargaining power is yours when negotiation with potential licensees, investors, or manufacturers

- you get protection of the law for twelve months

- you will be able to promote and show your idea and not be afraid of someone stealing or copying it

- the phrase ‘Patent Pending’ can be placed on your idea

- others individuals or companies will not be able to patent the same idea or invention for one year, thus providing you time to get the regular patent, or to license someone else to do so, paying you royalties and/or signing fees

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