How to Write a Provisional Patent Application

Bill Creen asked:

Learning how to write a provisional patent application YOURSELF is a critically-important first step for a new inventor.

Attorneys and patent agents would likely charge you many hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to prepare these documents — but you can do it yourself, and SAVE.

When properly completed and submitted, you will be rewarded with the following benefits:

- twelve months of protection on your idea or invention
- the right to use ‘Patent Pending’ with this item
- you save $800 – $1,200 or more each time you file a new idea
- others cannot patent the same idea or invention for one year
- you have a strong bargaining position with potential investors, manufacturers, or licensees
- you can show and promote your project without the fear of it being copied or ‘stolen’

There’s a lot of information available out there on how best to proceed. No one recommends that an inexperienced (read: non-attorney) inventor prepares the final patent application . . . this requires far more expertise and experience than does the ‘provisional’ app.

A do it yourself “kit” is available for download. It contains all of the actual forms — and only those forms required by the United States Patent and trademark Office (USPTO). The kit has step-by-step, forms-by-form, and line-by-line instructions on exactly how to prepare the document package.

This kit is reusable and GUARANTEED to work for you. If you have additional marketable ideas, you may use the kit over and over, with no limits. Note however that the USPTO requires that each application must be accompanied by a fee of $110.

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