Does anyone know how hard it is to file a provisional patent?

suz asked:

I have invented a bib that is unique in style and has several great functions that the consumer would love in a bib. I have seen a couple that has a similar shape but not like mine. I did a patent search (on my own) and didn’t see anything like that. It’s a very simple design to explain should I try & fill out the provisional patent application myself? How hard is it? Does anyone know where I can find an example?
There are several bibs out there what is it that allows a company to sell a similar product without patent infringement?
Again I haven’t seen any like mine in the stores so I know this would take off. Believe me I have a 2 year old special needs child that I’ve searched for bibs. My name of my bib is Hipper Bib. (I asked for a name for a bib).


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